Thank you!

Hi youth! Maybe you're reading this, or maybe some random person who wandered on to our website is... in either case, I want to say, "Thank you!"  It's been a grand first year as youth connector and I'm so grateful for all of you.  You're a wonderful group of teenagers and I look forward to hanging out more in the fall, and whenever I see you around over the summer.  I hope you all have a lovely summer and that you remember what kind, fun, adventurous, generous, intelligent people you are!

Much love,




Looking ahead

Hey there, Craig again. Just wanted to thank all of you for a great year of lunches. I loved our covnersations, and look forward to starting them up again in the fall. I have a few ideas of things we could talk about - but for sure I want to hear from you.

What are your burning questions? And like last time, this series is called, "Can I ask that?" (And the answer is always yes.) 

I think it is vitally important to be able to engage in conversations of the things that matter to us. I'll bring some context and teaching along with me when it is needed. But I know I also learn a lot from each of you.

Have a great retreat this weekend. Email me those ideas for topics (ie: burning questions) at craigterlson@yahoo.ca or find me on facebook, twitter, instagram... etc. Or you can even just talk to me. Old school. :)




Next (and last of the season) C.I.A.T.

Hi there, Craig here, popping onto the youth section (as I tidy up other things on the site). I thought I'd give a mention to our last Can I ask That Youth Lunch - happening the last Sunday in May (May 29). It is at Hannah's house after worship, so about 12:30.

We will be looking at the question, "So why are a lot of people leaving the church?"

And as mentioned, no fingers will be pointed :) No really, none at all.

I'm really looking forward to it, as I love hanging with you folk, and I love food. Win-win.

And is CIAT really a good acronym? Might have to work on that.

See ya,


 - oh wait, forgot to mention. Check out the new tab: Affirming Church. Under the About Us section.






Service Initiative Fund

Attention youth! Are you going to work at a camp this summer? Are you going on a service trip?  Grain of Wheat has a Service Initiative Fund that can help you financially with service projects.  Check in Member Documents under Finances for more details.